Compho Africa Limited is a limited company incorporated in Kenya with an objective of empowering the education sector stakeholders to deliver quality education. For a couple of years now, Compho Africa has been working with schools to enable teachers, students and parents access interactive academic and administrative management solutions. We specialize in Custom made Software systems, School Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) and Bulk SMS Solutions. We are bound by high ethical standards in our service delivery. These standards are defined in our corporate value system and require us to maintain high level of professional ethics, discipline and excellence in service provision. We strive to realize the full potential of learning institutions through innovative products that optimize their day to day activities be it in academics, accounts, inventory, administration, communication and students information management. We devote our entire staff to a round the clock customer/system support which is just one of the reasons why the region's top performers choose us as their preferred ICT solutions provider.

Why Compho School Management System